An appeal

I am writing today to ask you to support something I am passionate about: the Oregon Symphony.

You may have read the Oregonian article this week about financial concessions the musicians have given the Symphony to help balance the budget. This was a real sacrifice from each of us – two and a half weeks of pay is a big deal.  We musicians took this step because we know the Oregon Symphony is a treasure in the community, offering live symphonic performances at the Schnitz and providing music education services for 20,000 kids every year. We’re so proud of our achievements in recent years! We know that it takes longer to rebuild than it does to tear down, and preserving this institution, which has been built by the whole community over the course of 117 years, is worth the sacrifice.
Even with this concession,  the Symphony still needs help. Your support will make us a stronger organization and a stronger orchestra, so please join me today in making an investment in the Oregon Symphony.  Gifts of any size are appreciated and will be matched by one of our generous Board Members.   Click here to make a gift today.
Thank you,

About cellonancy

Principal Cello Oregon Symphony
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