House concerts are all we get for now…

And via the internet at that. I know that I’m not alone in being completely bereft at the prospect of not getting to share performances alongside my amazing colleagues with audiences. That live experience in the concert hall is irreplaceable! Still, the itch to make music cannot be denied, so I hereby join many other musicians in offering videos of myself doing the things I would be doing all by myself. Knowing someone might see it and enjoy it is a balm to the wounded spirit…

I recorded the Prelude to the Suite No. 1 in G Major by J.S. Bach because, well, because it’s just great and I felt like playing it and sharing it. I signed on to this neglected blog to post it and realized that maybe I could finally do the original premise and go through the entire 36 movements of the Bach Suites! Hmm…That said, I have other things I may want to work on and share; there is all kinds of music I want to learn, plus pieces of my own and new ones on the way. Thursday, after the Oregon Symphony met, sitting in the audience with 6 feet between us, and the musicians were told that all concerts had to be cancelled for some time (which keeps evolving), I came home and wrote a new piece.  I will share that as soon as I have permission from the poet whose words I set.

I didn’t practice this before the recording. I just went for it. I was quite surprised at the direction I took in the last passage; sort of aggressive, or is it ebullient? Your call. I’m not sure I would do it exactly that way again — who am I kidding! It’s never the same way twice! — but I decided to share the authentic strangeness of the  moment.

I hope you and yours are well and safe.

About cellonancy

Nancy Ives is Principal Cello of the Oregon Symphony and received a DMA and MM from the Manhattan School of Music and a BM from the University of Kansas. She has been featured soloist with the Oregon Symphony as well as orchestras in the Northeast, Midwest and Pacific Northwest. Nancy is Instructor of Chamber Music at Lewis & Clark College; a member of fEARnoMUSIC, the Palatine Piano Trio and the Rose City Piano Trio; and is active as a teacher and recording artist. She is a frequent guest of groups such as Chamber Music Northwest, 45th Parallel, Portland Piano International Summer Festival, Third Angle, Pink Martini and Portland Cello Project. Her composition Shard is featured on a recent PCP album, to e.s.. She is a founder of Classical Up Close, has served on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Symphony and currently serves on the Board at All Classical Portland. Nancy blogs at
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2 Responses to House concerts are all we get for now…

  1. Joe Cantrell says:

    There is no adequate superlative, Nancy. Second time today you’ve brought me to tears. Thank you so very much more than can be expressed.

  2. Ruth Fredine says:

    Thank you, Nancy, for your music and for sharing it.

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