Performances and recordings

The ringtone on my iPhone is unique. It’s an excerpt from “jerk-driver” by Gabriel Prokofiev, which I recorded just before his residency with FearNoMusic in March 2011. “Jerk-driver” is one of a Suite of multi-track cello pieces Gabriel (who is the grandson of Sergei) was still in the process of getting ready for publication.  I spent a couple of days in Randy Porter’s studio recording all of the 11 tracks. When Gabriel got here, he and I collaborated on creating a performance mix, in which the parts I play live are muted so I can play along with the recording of my many selves. Very cool.

Gabriel was enthusiastic about the results, and mentions it in his blog:

Particularly exciting for me was to hear the first live performance of Jerk Driver, a piece I composed 1 year ago for multi-track Cellos. Nancy Ives, had recorded all the mulitrack cello parts a week earlier in a friend’s studio & I was blown-away by the accuracy and understanding of her interpretation… The piece is based on a very jerky, stuttery, crunchy double-stopped bass groove, which she got totally spot-on, as well as all the extended-technique cello percussion stuff. I had assumed the piece would need quite a bit of work-shopping, but she understood, really enjoyed & pulled it off; so our rehearsal session together was just to fine-tune a few details.

Someday I hope to have my own personal recordings of the whole Suite to perform with! Future Kickstarter campaign, perhaps; it would be ideal to go to London to do it with the composer. A girl can dream, can’t she?


At the time of this concert with FearNoMusic, Gabriel had started recording the pieces with UK cellist Peter Gregson and I was able to use the one he had ready,  “Float Dance,” for the performance, which meant that I was playing along with this other cellist I had never met. Since then, the composer and cellist Peter Gregson have done quite a bit more. This YouTube video shows what they’ve been up to. It is a shortened version of the piece, I notice, with other differences as well. No surprise; Gabriel is a master of remixes.


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